A show that will be talked about

Effects inside a hall, effects at a stadium and movie pyrotechnics all represent a thrilling challenge to us every time. We have a wide range of equipment based on the latest technologies at our disposal, for various purposes:


Various explosive effects and fountains on stage can make your event particularly outstanding. We use burners that create fire beams or fire balls. All these effects can be synchronised with music, which is currently popular trend in pyrotechnics around the world.

We have a confetti cannon, that fires confetti of various colours creating a phenomenal effect. A special effect can also be created using a heavy fog or CO2 effect with special CO2 jets. All these effects can be used in closed premises/areas.

We utilise materials from renowned producers committed to the highest quality standards. In this way, we can prepare a truly spectacular show in any setting, always satisfying the audience with a great experience, thrill and excitement. In short – a show that will be talked about!